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Starting… NOW!

Hello, starting this new blog to talk about work that I’m doing and involved with. This is also a test for the WordPress because I’ve not ever used WordPress before (really – I used it a little bit but don’t really know). Anyways, ignorance is not an excuse, just lack of time.

In this blog I hope to talk about a lot of the things that I’m working on at work and at home, especially a bit of Arduino hackery and some micro electronics, not to mention some side projects I’m working on (namely secret plans of world domination).

Also, I’ve signed up with vimeo to help me produce a bunch of better quality videos about the stuff I’m working on, and I’ve got my hands on a couple of good quality web-cams which I can use to make some basic videos and also, timelapse videos of me making stuff. It’s very handy and might be of use when I am rushed to hospital and the Doctors say “he did what???”.

So this is a couple of hours at 1 frame every 10 seconds. Its a short introduction to me not setting fire to things. Which brings me to the title of this blog. I havn’t yet come up with a good name for it – so instead I set it to something that I need to remember. Nearly every time I do a long build, at some point I will try to pass the soldering iron from one hand to the other, and invariably do so by picking it up at the hot end with my left hand. This title, is in fact a reminder for me.


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