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Breaking Advogato with my RSS Feed…

So I set up a wordpress account to do some blogging in with more features the Advogato – I have a need to present a slightly more formal view of what I’m doing, and as this will also be very techincal related, instead of cross posting, I thought I would set the Advogato account to synch with the WordPress.

Little did I think that it would break Advogato, and indeed, it seems to have done so – the feed being generated by wordpress has (as far as I can tell) correct formatting, but Advogato must be reformatting the sequence that causes the Vimeo video to be embedded in a bad way – it is missing a single quote on the end of its line which is causing a large chunk of HTML to be ignored by Firefox, primarily half of my post and the switch over to the start of the next one.

Is there likley to be a successful fix or am I too hopeful? Is there anything I should change about the way I add the video’s? (all I did was div align=”center” then the vimeo paste code… Gah… if only systems wern’t this easy to break in 2008…


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