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Lantronix Xport Direct … and its death

Lantronix make some awesome little chips which give you a serial connection to a TCP/IP connection… that is by sending “C” followed by an IP, then waiting for a “C” back, it connects to the remote host.

My Problem? When I started with my chip, there was a wiring accident and I think I’ve fried its serial connection. So I need to buy another chip to confirm whether its dead, and then, when I have, throw this one in the bin :(.


2 responses to “Lantronix Xport Direct … and its death

  1. Chris Uribe August 18, 2008 at 10:30 pm

    Yikes! Sorry to hear about your loss (or possible loss). I work for a company called NetBurner. They make serial to Ethernet devices too. If it doesn’t work out with your current chip, check out the SB70 Kit, its $99 USD and includes a SB70-100CR which is a serial to Ethernet device.

    or if you need RS-232 or RS-485/422, check out the SB72.

    You have an excellent blog going… keep writing! 🙂

  2. jejt August 24, 2008 at 1:00 am

    Thanks, and to try and maintain my neutrality in providers, there is also a netshield offered by a guy in – his shield (at the time of writing) actually requires a lot more code to be on the microcontroller then I would prefer, and his TCP/IP stack is … well … bad. It basically allows you to place a webserver onto the Arduino board and respond to a HTTP Request in a single packet – that is a very limited web page.

    However, a fully built shield ready to plug into your Arduino kit comes in at £12 GBP, (roughly $25). I think the main thing to remember with all these devices is that you do get what you pay for, with the more expensive devices taking a more and more of the hassle away from your code.

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