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AngryBot – easier .NET app to IRC interface

So I’ve been working a bit on Angrybot recently. For those of you who don’t know, AngryBot is a wrapper around’s smartirc4net IRC interface (which can be found at ). Anyways, the idea behind this wrapper was to provide a much simpler interface for people to use an IRC bot as a reporting tool, or as a method of communicating with the people that want to use it.

My view on it is that people are writing their own applications or deamons or services or whatever you want to call them, and want to call IRC functionality from that – they don’t want to be bothered with writing all the IRC handling stuff, (which to be fair, meebey’s code does a lot of it for you), but instead just has hooks into particular commands, or just has it sitting there as a class that they can call “send message” on.

Implementing a command at the moment requires a reference in the project to the Meebey dll, but I am wrapping around that soon.

Now I have a few bugs to fix, and I have to add the parrellism to the normal commands, but its certainly a good start to see it in a public place after sitting on my desktop for 2 years (in various states, including a poker playing bot).

In the mean time, I am currently trying to break/fix some stuff for a “top secret plan”…. mwhahaha haha haha haha ho ho.


2 responses to “AngryBot – easier .NET app to IRC interface

  1. Ben Francis September 5, 2008 at 2:19 pm

    Where do you run this IRC Bot? Do you hang out in a public IRC channel?

    Did you get my email about the book?


  2. jejt September 5, 2008 at 2:24 pm

    And I think you missed the point, AngryBot isnt a bot – its a framework for any bot… and you know which IRC channel I hang out in, without me posting it in here.

    No – my email has been hijacked by a spamfilter until last night (for about six months), but now is comming through ok.

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